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1970's Get Together at Benny's

Date: Friday, March 13, 2009

Time: 7:00 PM

Contact: Dave Jeskey Ph: 630-584-3001

Location: Buffalo Grove, IL


Dean Klassman (79) has graciously offered to Host a 1970's Alumni Get Together at his home in Buffalo Grove. RSVP's required.

So far.....look who's coming....

Bill Adams, Rich Avena, Stuart Carr, Rick Cooper (maybe), Ken Corchin, Bob Dalaskey, Loren Diamond, Arnie Feffer, Steve Feldman, Gary Figler (from Florida), John Focosi, Scott Friedman (from Texas), Jonathan Frost (from Nationals), Marc Gimbel (Barth), Dave Jeskey (the man), Ray Kalel, Greg Katsaros, Howard Kaufman, Leo Laughlin, Mike Martin, Tony Munno, Doug Otterness, Gary Parmenter, Bruce Robin, Stu Rosenberg, Tom Rossiano, Val Sarli (Class of 2008), Corey Schiff, Dean Schulze, Dwight Schwartz, John Shigley (from Nevada), Bill Sims, John Trybula, Jeff Valentine, Ken Wall, Dan Warren, Randy Wisowaty, Gary Zeleny and Tom Zeleny.

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